Collagen induced Lip Plumping Treatment in Tampa- Botox Free

Having fuller, plump-looking lips can not only help balance your overall facial appearance, it can help you feel more confident and look younger. For women who are interested in upping their facial wow factor without the need for invasive surgical procedures or lip fillers, Nirvana in Brandon is proud to offer cutting-edge Diamond Polar, collagen induction plumping treatment for beautiful results with no downtime required.

As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen, which can make our lips appear less full, making our face appear older. At Nirvana,we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of esthetic services to help our clients stay happy, healthy, and radiant. Diamond Polar is pain free and non-invasive and feels like a hot massage. We help you achieve fuller and more sensual lips without the pain or lengthy recovery of more invasive procedures.

Not only will you receive natural-looking results, there is no recovery time required, no bruising, no needles, and zero pain.

If are interested in Collagen Lip Plumping can do for your facial appearance, contact Nirvana Med Spa today to schedule your consultation.