Hair Removal – Venus Versa™

The Venus Versa™ Hair Removal Process

Venus Versa™ combines Intense Pulse Light (IPL) with maximum heat, which your doctor sends to several follicles of hair at the same time. Its energy reaches the deepest skin layers to target follicle pigment below the surface of your skin. The IPL and heat don’t cause damage to tissues surrounding the follicles, and is most effective when the individual hairs are still part of a follicle.

Not only does this process destroy unwanted hair, Venus Versa™ also prevents future hair growth.

Our team uses SmartPulse™ technology to make sure all problem areas receive a consistent heat output, and the laser’s cooling feature ensures that you don’t feel discomfort. With IPL, your doctor can cover several surface areas in a short time.

Benefits of Venus Versa™

We can complete the Venus Versa™ procedure on people with all types of skin tones and conditions. While you can expect to see a noticeable reduction in unwanted hair, keep in mind that most of our patients need several sessions to eliminate the hair completely. Our team will help you determine how many sessions are needed based on important factors such as the coarseness of your hair and the number of areas you want treated.

You will love your increased confidence after completing your sessions No more anxiety when someone wants to get up close and personal because you will have nothing to hide. Venus Versa™ is a fast and effective way to eliminate unwanted hair with virtually no pain. Give us a call today to set up a personal consultation

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Men might notice excess hair on the shoulders, back, ears, chest, or arms. Even if you shave, the hair always grows back, and waxing can be extremely uncomfortable.
We also offer beard shaping laser hair removal just for men!!!

Laser Hair Removal for colored skin

The History of Laser Hair Removal for Darker Skin Tones

Historically, laser hair removal entailed more risk for people of color or those with tanned skin due to the potential for skin damage. Melanin plays a key role in laser hair removal as the primary target of the laser light; when the melanin surrounding the hair follicle selectively absorbs the energy, this is what disables hair growth. Melanin is the most important component of pigmentation, and its levels determine skin tone. Tanning and lifetime sun exposure can also affect melanin. In fact, any baby, regardless of genetics, is usually much lighter than their parents. Only when they are exposed to the sunlight do they develop a darker skin tone, with melanin production peaking only after the child has reached puberty. Regardless, it’s the presence of melanin in dark skin that increased the potential for some prospective patients to experience burns and hyperpigmentation.

With new advances in hair removal device technology Nirvana is the only med spa focusing on the needs of men and women of color now make it possible to safely and effectively perform hair removal treatments on individuals with darker skin tones.