Beard Shaping

The goal of most men when they come in for Laser Beard Sculpting is to create a natural beard line which can make men look younger, with a stronger jawline. They can go without shaving for three or four days and not look scruffy.

Not everyone who seeks out laser beard treatments wants the unshaven look, some men want to manage heavy facial hair. Many men with very heavy beards have a rough time shaving on their neck, where hairs tend to grow every which way and getting razor burns, nicks and cuts on their neck. Heavily bearded men also find it difficult to maintain expensive dress shirts and find that Laser Beard Sculpting extends the life of their dress shirts with this treatment. Now, men can go three days without shaving and still look businesslike, and no longer worry about ingrown hairs.

Each laser treatment lasts anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, and it usually requires at least six treatments to be effective. Treatments are spaced three to four weeks apart because hair normally cycles through periods of rest and growth, and the laser works only on hairs in the growth phase.

Beard hair growth is driven by testosterone, so if someone has a lot of testosterone and a very thick beard, it may require more treatments and more frequent touch-ups.